Go to the home page and select register from the drop down menu. Complete the information required on the form, accept the T&Cs and click submit. You will receive a confirmation email to respond to.

Go to the home page and under the drop-down tab for client, or click on the follow icon, select register and complete the information required, accept the T&Cs and click submit.

Yes this can be done by submitting a request to [email protected]. Proof of account details will be required to ensure that the request is authentic.

Contact AYA at [email protected] so we can help secure your account

Payment details can be defined within your account once approved via your preferred pay-out method.

Your pay outs are managed via the available balance within your wallet ready to transfer to your linked account. They are all cash value but shown as tokens within your account for added security. All pay outs are in your available currency.

Tokens have a one for one value to any currency required

Payment disputes will vary and depending on the criteria will either need to be addressed by the website manager and / or the linked account holders.

Chargeback disputes will need to be addressed by the website manager and / or the linked account holders and investigated as to why this has been requested.

Once of have successfully registered and provided the required documentation to verify your details, you will get a notification email to activate your account and AYA will review and approve / deny based on the information submitted. You will receive another email notifying you of the status of your application. Once approved you login and set upyour account and upload content.

Once you have purchased a subscription from the selected creators / performers you will automatically become friends on the site allowing access to the creators / performers  content.

All settings can be managed under the drop-down tabs by selecting the option you require and follow the page prompts.

Once logged in you can upload videos and photos by simply using the upload tab for either videos or photos and then selecting the content from your selected storage device.

As soon as your account is live and you have content readily available on your site you can invite followers / clients to subscribe and send you tips to start earning.

This is usually done by using your social media accounts and sharing the website details.

This is usually within 24 to 48 hours and depends on having uploaded the correct documentation for age verification.

Please contact [email protected] for all help enquiries

You will receive 95% of all your earnings

This will be via the selected payment preference you setup on your account registration and can be done through any method of your choice at any time. Stripe & Paypal are most popular !


Please refer to HMRC for advice. This will depend on how your account is setup either business or personal.

Please contact [email protected] to review your account details.

Tokens are used as a safe and easier method for quicker transactions. All clients / followers will purchase the required number of tokens to selected cash value. These tokens are then used for all purchases within the site and then are available to you, the creator / performer as a value to be transferred for pay-outs. To your linked account

This is a simple standard online wallet to collect all your token earnings and whatever is available within your wallet you are then able to pay out to your preferred payment service as a cash value

Please refer to HMRC for advice. This will depend on how your employment status is with HMRC and based on total earnings.

All Performers must be over the age of 18 and you will be required to submit proof of identification in the form of a Drivers Licence or Passport and an unfiltered selfie. Approvals will be subject to the satisfactory information uploaded and reviewed within 48hrs. Notification will be via the valid email on the registration form.

AYA will retain 10% of all earnings. Your subscription costs to followers are set by yourselves with reasonable rates all defined within your token payment settings. A token wallet system is used to protect your pay-outs and the earning origins remain anonymous.

Performers can offer any promotional rates or services that they wish in order to increase followers based on their services.

All payments are managed securely via a token system. The subscriber purchases the amount of tokens they wish for a cash value to spend with the performers of choice. This allows both the performer and the subscriber to manage the payments in / out via a secure wallet. This method offers both security and privacy within payment schedules. Tokens once spent by the subscriber become the cash value to the performer to be transferred to their bank account. Any remaining tokens the subscriber has will be securely stored within the subscribers wallet. Payouts are via the wallet to the attached bank account or other account such as Paypal or online wallet. Any bank charges or vat / tax is the responsibility of the performer or creator to resolve as required. Chargebacks that are without valid reason will not be accepted and any attempts will result in suspension of the subscribers account and associated charges passed on. An admin fee of £35.00 will be incurred on top of the payment to be collected as well as any legal fees that might be necessary to reclaim the monies.

Please make sure that if this is applicable the responsibility is on the performer or creator to ensure these are made as per their country (s) tax system rules.